CB I Hate Perfume

The brainchild of perfume impresario Christopher Brosius, CB I Hate Perfume is a tribute to the beauty of crafting fragrance. An antithesis to overly manufactured scents.

From single note scents to complex imaginings of memories, seasons and emotions, CB I Hate Perfume takes the wearer of his fragrances on an unparalleled olfactory journey.

Christopher Brosius links perfumery to the meticulous creation of art, exploring scent perception and the personal connection between scent and memory.

Intellectual scents that are filled with passion, life and soul.

*NB: These perfumes are made to order, so if we do not have stock, please place your order and we will pass it on to Christopher Brosius himself. This means that special orders can sometimes take a few months. You will not be charged until we receive the perfume, and it has been dispatched from our warehouse to you.