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Festive in a Flash

Christmas Red Lip

Is there anything more festive than a beautifully bold red lip? When you’re in a bind and you’ve got 15 minutes to pull your party look together, a crimson pout magically makes you appear as though you’ve spent hours on your makeup.

It doesn’t matter whether your lips are large or small, or whether you’re pale toned are darker skinned, there truly is a perfect red for you. And once you find The One? Well, here’s how to make it last all night long...

Laura Geller Lip Scrub

Step 1:  Back To Basics

Before you even think about applying your bold red you’re got to do a bit of prep work! Blustery wind and hydration-sapping central heating is a bad combination for both lips that makes them dry and chapped – not the best canvas for a statement lip! Combat this with a lip scrub, which will slough away dead cells and reveal smoother, softer skin.

Quick tip: If you’ve not got a lip scrub to hand, an old toothbrush or a home-made mixture of sugar with a few drops of oil will do the trick.

DHC Lip Cream

Step 2: Bye Bye Dry

Next it’s time to combat any dry areas, which tend to make your lip colour patchy. Apply a layer or two of lip balm, and rub lips together to distribute it evenly.

Quick tip: If you prefer a matte finish, massage the balm into lips as you would a facial moisturiser. Working it in will ensure that your lips benefit from the hydration of the balm, but it will produce more of a satin finish than a shiny one.

Laura Geller Waterproof Lip Liner in Claret

Step 3: Line 'Em Up

Now it’s time to up the longevity stakes. Forget all thoughts that lipliner is for those whose lipstick bleeds; when used as an all-over base, this underrated beauty item is an essential for making sure that your lipstick is colour-true, long-lasting and photo perfect. Lipliner and lipstick are like two sides of Velcro – they love each other! Choose a highly pigmented formula with good glide, because after you’ve traced the outline, you’ll be filling in the whole surface area of your lips.

Quick tip: If your lipliner drags a little or feels dry, warm up the tip between your fingers before application. Start with your Cupid’s bow first, this’ll dictate the shape that you create.

Laura Geller Baked Iconic Lipstick in Big Apple Red

Step 4: The Main Event

And now, the big show – your bold red lipstick. There’s no hard and fast rules for application here; dab on to build up your colour slowly, use a lip brush for precision, or do as I did and apply straight from the bullet for a no-holds-barred dose of colour. All of your prep work up until this point will make application a breeze!

Vichy Dermablend Powder

Step 5: Go The Distance

Finally, a little trick that will make your lipstick really, truly last: everyone’s heard about blotting your lip colour with a tissue, now it’s take to take it to the next step! Take a thin tissue and pop it over your finished lip look, then, taking a fluffy brush and your favourite setting powder, lightly dust a small amount of product over the top. This will absorb excess oil and make your lipstick matte, whilst prolonging its wear time and ensuring that your colour really pops.