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Festive in a Flash

Instant Lash Boost

Christmas is all about good food, good drink and great company. So when the clock strikes 5:30pm and festive spontaneity is in full swing, you’re going to need a quick and easy upgrade to hand.

You’ve already got your LBD on, you’ve re-applied your Christmas red lip and your hair has been undergone the perfect ‘tszuj’. What’s next? It is, of course – The Instant Lash Boost. The perfect addition to your daily makeup look, this efficient enhancer ensures everyone will be too busy looking into your enviable eyes to notice you’re still in your office attire. Talk about mistletoe ready!

Mister Mascara Full Lashes

Step 1: Choose Your Lash

Are you feeling naughty or nice? This answer holds the key to which lash you should choose to wear. If you’re feeling daring, go for the fuller set – it is Christmas, after all!

Quick tip: If you’re still a bit apprehensive, trim the whole lash in half and use them as corner lashes, for a demure, glamorous look!

Step 2: Measure Up

Just as you wouldn’t wear a bra that’s too big for you, nor should you wear lashes that are too big for you! Measure your eye with the false lash band and trim off the excess hairs that don’t fit your eyelid perfectly, from the outside in. This ensures your finish look is as wide eyed as possible and your flutter will be in full flourish.

Mister Mascara Lashes Glue

Step 3: The Waiting Game

Now you’ve got to the sticky situation! Run the glue along the false lash line and wait 30 seconds. Please wait - we know time is of the essence, but the glue needs to become tacky before it can get close to your eyelid. It’ll save you time in the long run!

Mister Mascara False Lash Application

Step 4: Up Close and Personal

Grab your mirror; you need to get really close! Use your tweezers to place the lash directly on to your lash line, secure down from the outside in and use delicate pats with your finger tips to place the lashes down into your natural lash line. Voila - you're in place!

Shiseido Full Lash Mascara

Step 5: The Finishing Touch

Now for the touch-ups. Re-do your liner and mascara to disguise any obvious lash bands and rebellious glue residue.

Don’t forget to pop your glue in your clutch bag for any unpredictable emergencies. Now you’re ready to paint the town red!