Serge Lutens Fille En Aiguilles Eau de Parfum 50ml


Pine needles.
Resin, sunshine, cicadas and the shade of tall pine trees.
The needles prick your feet, but a stand of pines by the beach is a wonderful thing!

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Christmas spirit Had wanted to try this one for some time. So decided this would be the next fragrance to purchase. Absolutely love it. Wonderfully evocative for the Christmas period. I can have a Christmas tree all year round. February 26, 2014
A divine walk in the woods A marvelous elixir paying homage to the great pine tree.. The pursuit of a truly authentic wood scent is a lengthy chase, with most mainstream fragrances houses popping in a heavy dose of floral or citric notes to make it 'palatable' to the modern nose. In Fille en Aiguilles, Serge Lutens has created a fragrance that offers no compromise. It is a majestic great waft of thick, syrupy, resinous, sweet, dark wood that oozes the true sensation of a stroll through a hot pine forest in the searing heat of the Mediterranean. It journeys me back to the Extremadura Mountains in Palma Mallorca where i lingered, eyes closed, amongst the Pine trees inhaling the scent of their woody secretions. Is it possible the create the smell of 'heat'? It's as close as possible in Fille en Aiguilles, where the Bay Leaf and spices add a subtle spicy heat to the woods, ensuring a comforting wrap of uplifting emotion. With every spritz of this wonderful juice I'll be transported far far away.. August 28, 2012
More complex than it sounds This proved to be a more subtle and lingering fragrance than I expected. It wasn't a one-note novelty. Yes, there was a definite hit of pine forest at first, but as it dried down my next reaction was "churches." There's an incense note in there, and -- odd as this might sound -- hot solder. (Solder, the kind you use on electronic circuit boards, might not sound like an attractive smell, but it has irresistible incense undertones.) The incense becomes slightly sweeter after an hour or so, and settles into wood and herbs, but for me it stayed mostly true to the forest fragrance. If you liked Lauder's Alliage, then you'll probably love this, except it doesn't have Alliage's sharper top notes or powdery finish. It remains wood and incense to the end. July 7, 2012
The sensual forest This fragrance plays with contrasts. It changes between brigt and dark, light and shadow, fresh and warm. The fresh, balmy pine notes becomes sweet. Later, when incense and spices take their part, becomes smoky and difuse. The deep lush green develops into a impenetrable and dense black forest plenty of sheer sensuality. February 29, 2012