Tigi Urban Antidotes

**Update 7th July – these products are now available to buy at Escentual: Buy Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes**

Confess your hair sins and misdemeanours with the new Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes wash and care collection, launching soon at Escentual.com.

The new collection of detoxifying, repairing and rejuvenating shampoos and conditioners come in three prescription levels: Re-energize, Recovery and Resurrection which drip-feed your hair with essential hydration and nourishing ingredients to help you repent against your hair crimes of the past!

The Urban Anti+dotes collection treats dry, damaged, dehydrated hair to rehab-worthy care to give you soft, supple and incredibly healthy locks and a new lease of life! Re-offending – not an option!

“Hair has never been in more need of help with all the damage inflicted upon it from straightening irons and too much product. Once damaged, hair becomes coarse, porous, weak and difficult to manage and ultimately it will look unhealthy and neglected. Bed Head’s new Urban Anti+dotes range combats the issues facing hair in an urban city environment helping you recover the appearance, texture and softness of healthy hair. A must for anyone needing some hair tlc!”
ANTHONY MASCOLO, TIGI International Creative Director

The range:

For normal hair that needs a daily pick-me-up.
  • Re-Energize™ Shampoo
  • Re-Energize™ Conditioner

For dry, damaged hair that needs a moisture fix.

  • Recovery™ Shampoo
  • Recovery™ Conditioner
For weak, brittle, chemically treated hair that needs an intensive intervention.
  • Resurrection™ Shampoo
  • Resurrection™ Conditioner

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