Ego Professional Hairdryer

Introducing the EGO Professional – Alter Ego Hairdryer


HW2 Technology & TOURMALINE gives NEW styling brand ego its powerful ability to detox, de-stress and de-frizz hair leaving it polished, healthy and manageable.

ALTER EGO –  is Ultra Lightweight Dryer has no less than 8 heat and speed settings make this ergonomic dryer the ultimate in efficiency and usability. The generous 10 foot cord, strong but light design and diffuser gives you real freedom while its powerful 2000 watt motor puts you in complete control. The dryer is packed with HW2 technology to improve hair quality and manageability in next to no time.


  • Increased precision and versatility from 8 heat and speed settings
  • Easy on the eye with ergonomically efficient design
  • Lightweight – just 13.5oz it’s no sweat to hold for long periods
  • High-performance at 2000 watts of power that is really quiet
  • HW2 technology for decreasing drying time while delivering sleeker, smoother hair
  • Far-infrared heat emission to penetrate deep and drying hair from the inside out
  • Pro-length cord giving 10ft of freedom to move
  • Comprehensive and extensive
  • 2 year warranty

The choice of professionals and stylists, Alter Ego features on this season’s Britain’s Next Top Model, and can be seen in the ‘Get the Look’ video below:

The science bit…..


Tourmaline naturally emits negative ions and far-infrared heat waves when heated or put under pressure… it was perfect for use in hair styling.


  • It locks in moisture and seals the cuticle essential for avoiding
  • damage to the hair during styling
  • Eliminates static reducing fl y-away and frizz
  • Prevents scorching and over drying for healthier-hair
  • Faster drying times by up to 70%
  • Takes brittle, dry, frizzy hair and gives it a smooth, shiny, silky finish that lasts


HWANGTO, the secret of the East. Matured for approximately 4,000 years in the red pine forests of the highest mountains in South Korea.

The main surface of HWANGTO consists of a wide double construction something like a honeycomb, the inside of HWANGTO has the maximum number of useful minerals emitting lots of negative ions, far-infrared rays and antibacterial properties when affected by a high temperature.

HWANGTO CERAMIC contains one of the most unique elements called KATALRAJE. This helps emit the greatest number of far-infrared rays and ANIONS in nature.

There are approximately two hundred million beneficial organisms in one spoon of HWANGTO ceramic, including 4 kinds of enzymes for removal of toxins, humidity control and air freshening.

The far-infrared ray emitted from the HWANGTO ceramic has unbelievable benefits:

  • Imparting moisture
  • Sealing the cuticle
  • Condition and delivering
  • frizz free results.

Continuous use with hair tools that don’t have TOURMALINE & HWANGTO will gradually make the hair frizzy, dry and out of condition.  Chemical, mechanical and environmental elements damage the cuticle. However the damaged cuticle is repaired to fantastic condition by HWANGTO ceramic far-infrared rays and negative ions.

The Alter Ego hairdryer is available to buy from priced at £94.95 (RRP £109.95)

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