OK I admit it: I hate my feet. I hide them away in sheepskin boots during the winter months – and to be honest, that’s the best place for them. Come summer, however, and I am forced to reveal them to the world.

To make them a little more presentable during the warmer months, I follow a strict home-pedicure regime. If you are equally cursed in the foot department, you may want to give it a go…

1. Firstly – soak them! This is the best bit, as you get to sit back and do nothing while the warm water gets to work on softening your soles. It’s easy enough – fill a washing-up bowl with warm water and submerge feet. For extra-indulgence, add a few drops of essential oil to the water. I alternate between peppermint, which is beautifully refreshing, and lavender, if I’m pedicuring just before bed.

2. Take a generous dollop of foot scrub – I recommend Vichy Podexine Karato Reducing Scrub – and massage it into feet in a circular motion, paying special attention to heels. If your skin is particularly hard or dry (mine is both of the above), you can exfoliate further with a foot file when your feet are dried off.

3. Treat your feet to an application of ultra-intensive foot cream. Massage it into toes, soles, ankles, and the top of each foot. It’s a bit of an indulgence, but I’m a big fan of Clarins’ Foot Beauty Treatment Cream, £19 – it absorbs quickly and leaves feet feeling impressively soft and silky.

4. There are few things on earth more ugly than long toenails – even my feet aren’t guilty of this sin – so now is the time to tidy them up. Use sharp nail scissors and cut straight across the nail (which avoids the chances of them becoming ingrown). Afterwards, file the sides of nails to create ten soft curves.

5. Finally, paint your nails… Start with a bottom coat and allow it to dry before moving on to your chosen colour. If you find painting your nails tricky, try applying the colour in three strokes – one down the middle of the nail, and then one either side. I can’t get enough of deep purples and plums this summer, so am currently coveting Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer in Black Plum. Finish the transformation with a glossy top coat, such as Dior Top Coat.

Voila! Fabulous flip-flop feet!

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