Clarins Vital Light Skincare

There are some quick-fixes that can give skin an instant glow, but for more a deeply effecting action, you have to go a little deeper. The Vital Light range is the answer to this age-old problem, reinvigorating the skin and reviving a dull complexion with its innovative formulation. A delicate balance of old protein elimination and new protein stimulation, the active components in Vital Light’s core ingredients – a group of super botanicals dubbed ‘pioneer plants’- stimulate and protect mature skin.

As women get older their skin tends to lose much of its natural luminosity, as the collagen network upon which the skin’s firmness depends begins to lose its capacity to adequately support the epidermis, along with its ability to diffuse light evenly. Aging also leads to the skin’s gradual inability to efficiently eliminate waste, both inside and outside the skin cells. This build-up of old proteins speeds up the aging process and changes the colour of the skin.

To provide the best possible care for skin, Clarins Research has combed the earth in order to find hardworking, healing botanicals that are effective in rediscovering a woman’s inner luminosity. The answer, they found, was in the revitalising properties of ‘pioneer plants’, botanicals that take root in some of the most desolate and damaging places on earth, and in doing so modify the soil to make way for new plant species to thrive. These plants – cochlearia officinalis, waltheria and spergularia – help to replenish life on Earth, and help to replenish luminosity in skin.

Vital Light Day is a velvety cream containing a potent combination of all three pioneer plants to revive the luminosity of youthful-looking skin. The wonder cream diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fine lines, whilst aiming to firm, smoothen, and illuminate mature skin with its added anti-aging Vitamin E and pollutant protection. The rich texture is easily absorbed, smoothing the skin with a perfect balance of science, research and plant life.

Vital Light Night is the second stage to the Vital Light anti-aging skin care regimen, and is a rich, comforting night cream containing luminosity restoring pioneer plans Cochlearia and Watheria, a combination of anti-oxidant and anti-stress Rhodiole Rose, Venuceane® and Vitamin E, and nourishing mango butter. An ideal night-time microcirculation booster, Vital Light Night works at a time when the body regenerates and recharges itself. This boosting process maximises its revitalising benefits, so that smoother, firmer and more luminous skin is discovered upon waking.

Clarins knows that as skin ages, women want to look as luminous as they feel. Vital Light is the daily answer for mature skin, formulated in order to deeply revive skin and recapture youthful-looking firmness, however old you are.

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