Happy Birthday Shalimar!

2010 marks the 85th year of Shalimar, the flagship scent of the prestigious Guerlain fragrance house and one of the most cherished perfumes of all time. A heady and complex blend of bergamot, jasmine, iris, Opopanax and vanilla, it is a sensual fragrance inspired by an oriental love story. To mark her birthday, the exotic and mature Shalimar is getting a contemporary makeover.

Jade Jagger, as the daughter of model Bianca and legendary rocker Mick Jagger, is the encapsulation of modern glamour. Artist, interior designer, and curator of jewellery and fashion collections, Jagger is a true renaissance woman; a multi-skilled, jet setting and exotic citizen of the world. Who better, then, to redesign another work of art: the iconic perfume bottle of Shalimar.

This new rendition pays homage to the Shalimar flacons of yore, with voluptuous curves and a base reminiscent of its first incarnation. Soft, full and extremely sensual, Jagger’s talent for dressing women inspired her in the design process, reinterpreting the original oriental inspiration for a look that is both luxurious and bohemian.

Capped with a jewel-like stopper in a gorgeous grey-blue and tied at the neck with a fine black ribbon, the legendary fragrance is made revitalised and radiant. An enduring classic and a VIP of the fragrance world, we hope Shalimar remains just as beautiful for another 85 years!

New look Shalimar, available at Escentual.com

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