Choosing your wedding day fragrance

Written by guest blogger, and fragrance enthusiast, Colin Murchie. Find out more about Colin.

When it comes to your wedding day, you may want a fragrance to capture all that you are, all that you are going to be, to go with your wedding flowers etc.. As beautiful as they are, don’t just jump for a Vera Wang fragrance just because she designs wonderful wedding dresses, this fragrance needs to be more personal than that.

Having advised many a bride to be my first tip is to look at your past and current collection of fragrances. What was/is it about them that you love(d)? This can help determine what kind of fragrance you tend to feel best wearing.

Then I always say test, test and test some more! Many fragrance stores will be very helpful providing samples and advice if you tell them you are looking a wedding day fragrance. Try to get some samples to take home with you so that you can wear them for at least a day to get a feel if this is what you want. Then, write down the final few that really stood out and try them again! It may even be wise to buy 2 or 3 small bottles of these so you can wear them many times and contrast and compare.

This is one time when I through my rule book out of the window and say wear any fragrance that you decide upon, if it’s boiling hot summer, wear that heavy oriental and bucket loads! After all it’s your day and you want your guests to get a whiff your magical fragrance!

Finally, don’t forget about your other half! He may not show as much interest as you do on a wedding day fragrance, but take him with you when you shop for your fragrance, get him to try and few and soon you may find he starts to get a little more interested in finding his own wedding day signature scent!