Annick Goutal Eau Parfumées

Three adaptations of one of the world’s most precious and beautiful flowers – the rose – have been reinterpreted for this limited edition collection of charming Eau Parfumées; diverse, inspired and each dedicated to the lasting memory of Annick Goutal.

Existing fragrances Quel Amour and Rose Absolue are reworked in a lighter concentration, whilst brand new creation Rose Splendide is a celebration of Annick’s adoration of roses, and a declaration of love from daughter Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen, joint ‘noses’ of the artisanal fragrance house.

Quel Amour 100ml Eau Parfumée
Bittersweet yearning for a loved one’s return was the inspiration behind this sweet and sharply scented fragrance – a trail of peonies, a burst of wild roses and the fruity tartness of red currants, pomegranates and peaches spells his long-awaited return, a rush of dizzying emotions and an exclamation of ‘Quel Amour!’ The fruitiest of the three fragrances, this sweet and charming take on the traditional rose scent is a poignant tale of love, life and glorious reunions.

Rose Absolue 100ml Eau Parfumée
A perfume made up of a single flower: the majestic rose. Created by Annick herself, Rose Absolue is inspired by the evocation of eternal femininity; of a walk through a beautiful garden of roses and the essence of beauty. Rich and exotic Turkish, Egyptian and Moroccan roses from the East are finely blended with the light and fresh May, Bulgarian and Damask bloom from the West to create the quintessential rose fragrance – exotic elegance in a beautifully created bottle.

Rose Splendide 100ml Eau Parfumée
A brand new scent, Rose Splendid is the freshest rose scent of the three. It evokes an early morning walk through a beautifully scented garden that is sprinkled with the dew of a new day; bright, green and beautiful. Comprising the fragile Centifolia Rose with its clear and sweet scent, and enhanced with magnolias, musk and a touch of pear, this is a more delicate rose fragrance that will make you feel light, fresh and untroubled.

A break away from the gilded and luxe look of traditional Annick Goutal creations, this sweet trio are beribboned with pink organza and satin in support breast cancer awareness. To further support the fight against the disease from which Annick herself died, €5 from the purchase of any one of the three rose fragrances will be donated to French cancer charity AVEC in the months of September and October.

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