OSiS Thrill Fibre Gum

Turn heads and steal hearts with reworkable, texturised style. UK Ambassador for OSiS Adrian Allen is the go-to guy for sexy, edgy hair. He promotes a culture of killing time-consuming hair routines and getting carefree and messy with your style.

Here, he tells us with curly and wavy hair how to not only tame our locks, but how we can learn to love our curls again with the help of OSiS Thrill, a high performance and fibre-intensive gum for beautifully controlled curls.

Thrilling by name and thrilling by nature, the application method suggested by Adrian is unconventional but extremely effective. Work the product between two hands, warming and distributing it evenly. Next, you ‘throw’ the product onto the hair, releasing the fibres into the air so that they settle lightly and randomly onto the style.

With such a light and random distribution, hair is easily manipulated but not weighed down and greasy. Tease the hair using the palms and build up the shape, in turn defining the curls between your fingers and creating a mass of texture. As the product ‘sets’, hair remains flexible and changeable with excellent control, shine and separation.

Effectively firm yet light and non-greasy, Thrill is an essential product for touchable hair that still needs some definition and volume.

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