A New Addiction… Belle d’Opium

Each generation thirsts for a legend. For the last there was Opium, the indulgent, heady scent of smoke and spice. For this generation there is Belle d’Opium: a new addiction of opulent florals, piquant spices and a touch of sweetness.

It was love at first sniff with this bewitching oriental fragrance here at Escentual. Despite being part of the infamously heady Opium family, Belle d’Opium exudes a more youthful aura with an effortless sensuality. Opulent rather than heavy, the richness is nicely tempered with lightly sweet and floral touches that resonate right through to the dry down. Long-lasting and distinctive, this is a dynamic scent that will sweep you away.

The fragrance is inspired by the sensual Salome, a mythic and fatal dance of the East. It is an intimate movement that fluctuates between strength and fragility, strict control and wild abandon. For the advertising campaign this ancient ritual was reinvigorated by pioneering choreographer Akran Khan, who fused the classical dance with a more contemporary attitude by taking away excessive actions and focusing on the essence of simple, seductive movement.

To reflect this sensuality, perfumers Alberto Morillas and Honorine Blanc created an olfactory interpretation that is just as mythical, just as extreme as the fluidity of the dance. The fragrance opens with spirals of spicy white Casablanca Lily and Gardenia, with a bitter bite of Mandarin. An intoxicating heart swirls in mists of a Hookah accord, and blossoms with juicy Peach and the whisper of a Rose. The addictive dry down leaves an enigmatic trail of White Pepper, deep and dark Patchouli and creamy Sandalwood.

A new interpretation of the original Opium flacon, the Belle d’Opium juice is encased inside a bottle of electric blue, finished with golden facets, and accented with a red inner tube.

Available now: Yves Saint Laurent Belle d’Opium Eau de Parfum, from Escentual.com


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