An Ode to Joy.. Lacoste Joy of Pink

The immensely popular Lacoste Pink fragrance line has a new addition this season: the vivacious and bubbly Joy of Pink. The epitome of exhilirating, youthful optimism, the colourful scent captures the spirit of a quirky girl who finds joy and excitement wherever she goes. Her contagious feel-good, playful aura is the perfect accessory for all of the love, friendship and laughter that she experiences every day. Hers is a happy and confident scent, bright, vibrant and bursting with joy.

The scent is based around the exotic fruitiness of a Blue Curaçao cocktail, colourful and juicy with a hint of cheekiness. An exuberant burst of Grapefruit refreshes the senses and energises the scent, whilst a touch of Peony imparts soft femininity. The stylish dry down of Cedar Woods and Musk notes finish off the scent with a smooth signature trail that will charm the socks off everybody you encounter!

To encapsulate the vivacity of Joy of Pink, Lacoste has chosen transatlantic TV presenter and model Alexa Chung to front the campaign. Her creative style and witty intelligence make her the perfect ambassador for the Pink house; stylish, vivacious and sparkling with an undeniable and casual chic. In the campaign visuals, vibrant flurries of neon pink ribbons rain from the sky onto a delighted Alexa and her friends. Their delight is contagious and their friendship is joyous. This brightness is reflected in the striking pink revamped flacon, a neon beacon that you have to grab.

The range includes the 30ml,50ml,and 90ml Eau de Toilette sprays, the 150ml creamy Body Lotion and the matching 150ml bubbly Shower Gel.

Available now, discover the range here at Lacoste Joy of Pink.

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