Very Etro.. Via Verri

From the electric symphony of an Oriental metropolis, to the indomitable calm of a lush Northern forest. The dense, rolling heat of a Far Eastern desert, to the vibrant breeziness of an Italian orchard… The world presents an endless stream of wonders that are waiting to be discovered, unexpected and bursting with potential. The thrill of the yet to be encountered… a fascination with what is to come.

The exhilaration of discovery is the inspiration behind Via Verri, a new limited edition scent from Italian profumi boutique Etro. A refined scent for both men and women, Via Verri takes its name from the historic Etro Boutique in Milan, and is described as a soft and enveloping, sensual scent.

Its wearer is a citizen of the world, discovering territories in unprecedented ways with their joie de vivre and unquenchable spirit. Via Verri invites the wearer on an emotional and sensual journey that surprises and excites as it slowly reveals its different facets.

This enveloping scent opens with the elegant seduction of Rose and Jasmine, a romantic evocation of urban femininity. These florals are deepened by the voluptuousness of Amber and Musk from Eastern lands, lending a resonating warmth that blossoms on the skin. As the fragrance unravels, lively hints of Bergamot and precious Iris emerge from an Italian orchard, complex and delicate. Finally, the aromatic notes of White Pepper and Cardamom evoke the dense woodiness of the forest, deep, dark and reverberating. An unusual scent that is truly universal, full of surprise, intrigue and promise.

Discover the evocative scent here at Escentual: Etro Via Verri

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