Indulge Yourself with a Perfect Bath

Time spent in the tub is the only opportunity many of us have to relax. Now that the nights are drawing in, it’s especially comforting to have a lovely soak in the bath. It’s only right then that bathing should be a full pampering experience, and definitely not a rushed dip in and out of tepid water.

Take your pick of these indulgent treats, reserve yourself a little ‘me’ time, and create the perfect bath…


Bath Gel, Oil or Milk?
There’s something about surrounding yourself with fragrant bubbles that is instantly relaxing, especially if they’re fragranced with a scent that you love. Try the matching bath gel of your favourite fragrance, such as the Givenchy Very Irresistible Iridescent Bath Gel, £21.50, for a treat that will stay with you long after you leave your bathroom fortress.


If your skin is particularly parched or delicate, bath oils work wonders for the improvement of skin elasticity. Most fragrant bath oils do not foam into the usual mounds of soft bubbles – instead they quickly disperse throughout the water, coating your skin in a thin layer of moisturising oil. Try the Tisserand De-Stress Bath Oil, £7.44, to soften and smooth your skin whilst relaxing your mind.


Bath milks turn the bath water a dreamy, opaque white colour. Milks have less of a focus upon cleansing the skin and instead work to intensively hydrate it, making it perfect for drier skin. Rich yet lightweight, the Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy Distillations Relaxing Milk Bath, £15.50, is a fabulous choice is you’re looking to soften and smooth your skin.


Soothe and Pamper your Skin
Following a luxurious bath, there is nothing quite like smoothing on some pampering body cream to seal in the moisture. Densely formulated and more fragrant than a body lotion, the cream will deliver long-lasting hydration that despite its thickness is not at all greasy. The Occo Markocija No. 5 Rich Body Cream, £28, is perfect for skin that loves to feel silky, nurtured and cared for.


Create an Atmosphere
Scent is one of the most important ways to make bathing truly indulgent. Candles are a fantastic way to transform the atmosphere of the bathroom from a practical space to a luxurious one. With many beauty brands offering matching candles to complement their fragrances such as the Stella McCartney Stella Scented Candles Set, £60, you can surround yourself with your favourite scent!

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