Complexion Imperfection Week: Day 3 – Matifying


Regulating and matifying overly active sebum glands is a main priority for those with oily skin. If your skin is oily, you will know that there’s nothing worse than carefully applying your make-up in the morning, only for it to have slipped halfway down your face by lunchtime.

There is help at hand, though – and all it takes are a few small changes to your skincare regime.


Don’t just blot oil with papers and tissue

Although there are by no means any restrictions for wiping or blotting away excess oil, this will only have a limited effect on shininess. For immediate and long term results, hyperseborrhea (overproduction of oil) must be counteracted by using skin care products that contain matifying powders or seboregulating agents.

Aim for a daily skincare product that aims to keep skin matte and regulated all day long, such as the Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat, £14.00. Not only will the fluid keep oil at bay, but it also purifies the complexion and protects from damaging UV rays.


Don’t overload skin with lots of different products

Using lots of different products can overload the skin, blocking pores and resulting in blemishes and an overproduction of oil. This excess sebum production can be a nightmare, though there are ways to stay fresh and matte for longer by streamlining your routine. Opt for pore refining products such as the Vichy La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Daily Renewal Fluid, £12.50, that will matify, purify and perfect the skin – all in one simple step.


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