Complexion Imperfection Week: Day 5 – Hydration


When skin is very oily, the thought of smoothing on even more lubrication seems a little unorthodox. However, moisturising is really important. Oily skin can produce lots of oil at the surface level of the epidermis, whilst it may lack moisture at a deeper level.


Oily skin needs hydration too!

Everyone should use a moisturiser; the difference lies in the type of moisturiser you use. When you have blemishes, it is important to hydrate the skin with an adapted non comedogenic cream that hydrates, matifies and will regulate the secretion of sebum such as the Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care, £9.20. The triple Action formulation mattifies, purifies and hydrates skin all day long.


And don’t forget to care for skin at night

Night time is a productive time for skin; it’s the period when cellular renewal is at its most active, and it’s also the period when skin needs the most help. Using a night cream is therefore very important, but just like choosing their day moisturiser, oily skinned individuals must also choose their night cream with care. Choose a cream that will prep skin, minimising pores and refining surface texture. A fantastic choice is Vichy Normaderm Night, £12.50, which will tighten skin and whilst making it softer and smoother, normalising sebum production and making the rest of your skincare regime much more effective.

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    I also thought that smoothing more lubrication is unorthodox. Now I know that there’s a product like this one. I must buy it ASAP !