Shine a Light.. Tända Light Therapy Treatment


It’s fair to say that in 2010, skincare has gone through a bit of a revolution. From power cleansers to turbo skin buffers, we’ve seen the UK-wide launch of a whole host of beauty gadgets that transpose the efficiency of professional services from the salon to the comfort of your home.

Perhaps the most exciting of these new technologies is the Tända Light Therapy Treatment, a handheld, cordless appliance that harnesses the restorative powers of the dermatologists’ darling – LED lights. This is a method of skin therapy that has been used in the professional sphere for over 35 years, treating skin conditions safely and non-invasively. The different coloured sets of lights are renowned for boosting the skin’s productivity; red boosts the synthesis of collagen and improves the overall texture, colour and firmness of the skin, while blue kills bacteria and cleanses.

From these tried and tested innovations, Tanda created two skincare systems: the Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy, and the Clear Acne Light Therapy, £225 each. Regenerate harnesses the rejuvenating and collagen-producing power of red LED lights to fight signs of aging. When used with the matching Tanda Regenerate Pre-Treatment Serum, £29that is specially formulated to optimise the delivery of light to the skin, lines are reduced, the skin’s moisture level is boosted, the texture is smoothed, and skin is much firmer.

The Clear solution harnesses blue LED lights, killing acne-causing bacteria and preventing more breakouts. This specifically toned hue is the same technology that is used by dermatologists to fight acne, safely and effectively treating the skin. The matching light-optimising Tanda Clear Pre-Treatment Gel , £29is safe for all skin types as it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals of other acne treatments that can cause your skin to become irritated or flaky.

Each Light Therapy device arrives with either the interchangeable Clear Acne Treatment Head or the Regenerate Anti-Aging Treatment Head, £68 eachwhich each rack up an impressive 300 hours of treatment time – the equivalent of 6,000 applications. You can swap and change the head of your Light Therapy device to suit the needs of your skin, as either one can be affixed to the handpiece; once you have the base device, you need only ever purchase replacement heads.

So, enough of the technicalities – what is it that you actually do with it? It’s a simple process; first you smooth the gel or serum onto the face to both treat the skin and provide the ideal foundation for maximum light absorption. When you’re ready, apply the triangular shaped treatment head to specific ‘target areas’ for 3 minutes, before moving on to different parts of the face for 30 seconds each time. Though this sounds a little complicated, it’s anything but – a ‘beeping’ noise will sound when it’s time to move on, and the internal temperature gauge will shut the machine off if it starts to feel too hot. To save the life of your treatment head, the LEDS will not light up until the head touches your face, maximising the light therapy potential. Simple, effective technology to use every day.

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