A Shower Ritual

Lets face it, there are few things more enjoyable than a long, indulgent wallow in the bath in the winter months. I love nothing more than arriving home, donning my running kit for a quick jog round the block, then climbing into a bath filled to the brim with sweet-scented bubbles.

Bathing in the morning, however, just doesn’t make sense. Not only does it involve setting my alarm clock half an hour earlier (and nothing is worth that pain), but it leaves me feeling even sleepier than when I woke up. Forget the commute – I’d be back under the duvet, hitting the snooze button until lunchtime…

Believe it or not readers, five-minute showers – and my morning schedule does not allow a minute more – can be just as pampering. It’s all about investing in the right products – so throw away those £1 bottles of supermarket shower gel and treat yourself to something a little more luxurious…



Light… The first – and really quite crucial – component to my shower ritual is lighting a candle. It might seem daft when I only have five minutes, but by the time I climb out of the shower, the bathroom has filled with a zesty, energising fragrance. There are cheaper options out there, but I adore Roger & Gallet Citron Home Candle, £22.50.


Scrub… Before I turn on the shower, I spend 30 seconds in the shower cubicle, scrubbing my skin with a thick, salt-based scrub. Exfoliation is always more effective on dry skin – and my skin is left feeling velvety soft. Jo Wood Organic Everyday Langa Exfoliating Salt Scrub, £24, is perfect for the job.



Cleanse… The more luxurious the shower gel, the more luxurious the experience… For the ultimate spa ritual, I opt for a Shower Gel that is rich in essential oils. Tisserand Shower Gel isn’t expensive, but is very, very high quality. I love Tisserand Awakening Shower Gel, £5.56.



Hydrate… As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more decadent than heading off to work smothered in an expensive perfumed body lotion. Whether my fellow commuters agree is another thing entirely – but this ritual is about me and the more luxurious, the better. My current favourite is Prada Infusion d’Iris Perfumed Body Lotion, £24.21.

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