A Fragrance for Every Festive Occasion

Christmas is definitely a time for a little beauty indulgence. What with all of the parties and the family get-togethers you go to, it’s inevitable that your everyday browns, beiges, and musks just won’t cut it. Don’t fade into the background – Christmas is time for sparkle!

Just like your make-up, your fragrance should get a shimmering overhaul too. Forget the soft florals of your work fragrance and spritz something a little more exciting. Invest in a special scent that will get you in the festive spirit; a spicier, fruiter or more gourmand fragrance that evokes the richness of the season. A sumptuous scent that is long-lasting and distinctive will bring back all of lovely memories of the season long after the most wonderful time of the year is through….

Burberry ‘Brit Woman Limited Edition
The scent to wear… at the family get-together
This limited edition version of the ever-popular Burberry Brit scent has been reworked with an almost-edible Baked Apple accord that is as sensual as it is comforting. An overdose of warming Cinnamon and Almond infuse warmth, whilst a zesty Mandarin Essence note evokes a joyful spirit. A charming and loveable fragrance to wrap you up in festive cheer.
£60.00 for 100ml


L’Eau d’Issey ‘Noir Absolue

The scent to wear… at a sophisticated Christmas soiree
Sophisticated, alluring and completely sensual, this limited edition scent from Issey Miyake draws inspiration from masquerades, shadows and the power of a light that shines through the darkness. To complement this, the distinctive floral Issey fragrance is deepened by the mystery of Amber, deep, dark and intoxicating. A make-a-lasting-impression scent.
£59.00 for 50ml


Carolina Herrera ‘212 VIP
The scent to wear… having festive drinks
A heady cocktail of unique, fruity-floral notes that is irresistibly charming. Its Rum and Passion Fruit opening sets the pace, intoxicating and exciting. Sophistication comes next with Gardenia and Musk, whilst the sensual drydown of Vanilla and Tonka Bean rounds off the audacious scent. A luxe scent to get you into the party spirit.
from £26.34 for the 30ml


Stella MacCartney ‘Stella

The scent to wear… for an intimate Christmas Eve at home
The eponymous scent from Stella MacCartney is femininity bottled; a traditional rose scent made modern by the vibrancy of Mandarin and the sensuality of Amber. Intense, richly scented and carnal whilst retaining the light freshness of Rose and Peony, Stella is a magical scent that is addictive in its beauty. A sophisticated scent with mysterious edge.
from £33.00 for the 30ml


Marc Jacobs ‘Lola’
The scent to wear… at the office party
Vivacious, gorgeous and guaranteed to garner attention, Lola is the perfect party fragrance. Sparkling Pear and Grapefruit are tempered by the spiciness of Pink Peppercorns, whilst a floral heart of Rose and Fuschia, and a warm base of Vanilla and Tonka Bean add richness and sensuality. Intoxicating and irresistible, Lola is the incarnation of confidence and a playful attitude.
from £34.26 for the 30ml

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