New Year Beauty Resolutions

I’m not generally a fan of New Year Resolutions – and it seems I’m not the only one… Recent research suggests that 97% of all resolutions are abandoned after just a few weeks. So what’s the trick to keeping them up? The experts all agree that we should choose resolutions that we want to keep, rather than ought to keep.

Well ladies, I don’t need any more encouragement… I am taking heed of the advice and selecting resolutions that centre around my biggest passion in life, which – you won’t be surprised to hear – is the world of beauty.

In 2011, I hereby vow to:


1. Wash my makeup brushes.
We should be washing our make-up brushes at least once a month to keep bacteria at bay – but lets face it, heading to the bathroom to give them a clean isn’t something that regularly pops into my mind at 7.30 in the morning. To give me an added incentive, I will be treating myself to a new set of professional-quality brushes, such as those from Dior, from £13.50.


2. Be more creative with my hair.
I’m adventurous with my make-up, but my hair is usually forgotten. It’s mainly down to a lack of confidence, so I am vowing to try at one new hairstyle every week in 2011. Inspired by Autumn/Winter trends, I will be starting with the Smooth Ponytail, the Messy Up-Do, the Side Parting, and the Sculptural Bun. And of course, I won’t be without my favourite haircare range Tigi.

3. Paint my nails every week.
It’s embarrassing to admit as a beauty journalist, but I rarely bother to paint my nails. When I do, the polish chips within a couple of days – and I (shamefully) leave it that way for up to a week. I’m lazy – and if I won the lottery, I would invest in a personal manicurist. Until then, I will treat myself to some gorgeous new nail colours from Dior’s fabulous Le Vernis collection, £17 each, to brighten up the year ahead. And I promise I will remove it as soon as it chips.


4. Moisturise every morning.
This isn’t the most exciting resolution – but one that my skin could really do with. I’m always in a hurry and skipping an application of body butter after a bath or shower is something that happens far too regularly. My skin is dry – especially on my legs – so this isn’t a smart move. I promise to treat skin hydration as a priority – and I will be treating myself to an indulgent new body lotion to make it worthwhile. I currently have my eye on Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk Comforting Body Cream, £16.32.


5. Share the beauty love.
As a newlywed – of little over a week, would you believe – I promise to treat my lovely new husband to some fabulous new grooming products. I also vow to teach him the benefits of using products like SPF, scrubs, moisturisers, and serums, without ever making him feel like a girl. The Clarins Men line, from £12, is the perfect place to start – with suitably masculine packaging, no-nonsense formulas, and impressive results.


Wish me luck!

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