Ageing Explained

As skin matures, many functions that were once effortless start to become increasingly laboured. Collagen production slows down, elasticity decreases, age spots appear and skin begins to lack vitality. This is a completely natural process that affects all but a lucky few people with infuriatingly good genetics.

It’s not all doom and gloom and loose skin, though – as you get older your skin just needs a little extra help to stay looking fresh and vital, and only requires a few tweaks to your usual skin care regime to keep you looking at your best.

You may already have a tried and tested skincare brand or two that you are loyal to; in which case, have a look at the rest of their range – chances are, they’ll have a specific anti-aging range that you’ll get along with swimmingly. If you’re new to the skincare game or would like to try something completely different, you can’t go wrong with an intensively replenishing anti-aging moisturiser that will stimulate collagen production, boost cellular renewal, smooth lines and wrinkles and hydrate skin all day long. It may seem a tall order, but there are so many innovative products on the market today that these restorative qualities have become second nature to the anti-aging industry.

To further protect skin from the harsh and aging properties of free-radicals and UV rays, a moisturiser with a good level of SPF protection and an anti-pollution additive will set you in good stead. These added benefits are normally proudly displayed on products, so they’re pretty easy to spot.

Aside from a moisturiser, there is one product that is somewhat unique to the anti-aging industry that provides a more potent anti-aging action: anti-aging serum. Serums intensively nourish skin to reduce slackening and tighten the skin to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They can be used as a treatment once a week, or underneath your usual moisturiser to double its benefits.

Eye care is so important as skin gets older; the skin is incredibly thin and delicate around the eyes, and normal facial moisturisers can be just too much. There are a range of concentrates and moisturisers available that are specifically formulated for this area, working to smooth, decongest, protect, illuminate and comfort the skin for more youthful-looking peepers.

Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth are an inevitability as the elasticity in skin decreases. It’s when these lines start to make you look and feel much older that you’ll probably notice them, or when your lipstick starts to bleed into these creases. There are many creams and balms on the market that will smooth out these lines and prevent more from occurring; plumping up the skin and boosting the area’s elasticity.

The neck contains less oil-producing glands, making it a very dry patch of skin indeed – and this only gets drier with age. As dry skin is extremely susceptible to a breakdown of collagen, wrinkles are all the more likely. Look after this skin with an extremely nourishing moisturiser, or a specialised neck cream that will deliver targeted hydration and will help to diminish hyperpigmentation (age spots).