St Tropez Application


The St. Tropez range of products was developed to achieve the perfect self-tan. It is very different to any other on the market and so is its application.

The tan has a solid Aloe Vera base
It is the Aloe Vera base which takes the tan into the skin. This means that there is no need to massage the tan into the skin. In fact, if you over rub the tan you will take it off. So, it is very important to note that you do not over rub or massage the tan.

Tinted Guide Colour
The tan has a tinted guide colour to make the application much easier. You can see exactly where you have put the tan. The guide colour is a pure vegetable dye. It is this colour which gives the instant tan look. After four hours, when the tan has developed, the colour guide can be washed off.

One Strength Tan
St. Tropez is a one strength tan. This means that it will only develop to a maximum strength. It is therefore impossible to put too much product on to the skin. Any excess product will be wasted. As long as all the surface area of skin is covered the tan cannot streak. To obtain a darker tan it is necessary to repeat the process after the original tan has developed. For a lighter tan, custom blend by mixing the tan with St. Torpez body moisturizer.

St Topez will never go orange because it has a slight hint of green in the formulation.

Because of the covering power of St. Tropez self tan it has proved to be very effective for use on Vitiligo, stretch marks and scar tissue.

1. Exfoliate. Concentrate on the elbows, hands, knees ankles and feet.
2. Moisturise the elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet.

Applying the tan
1. Start with the legs. Apply the tan with an even stroking movement finishing at the ankle. Work the tan gently over the area until the aloe vera emulsifies turning into a creamy consistency. Blend the tan into the foot using St. Tropez moisturizer. Use a tissue to remove any tan from the toenails. Take care to check that you have applied the tan evenly. You will see a white patch if you have missed any areas. Simply re-apply the tan to any areas you may have missed. Wash your hands

2. Repeat this procedure on the mid section taking the tan up to the neck. Wash your hands.

3. The face. The tan can be used full strength on the face. However, if you prefer a lighter tan this can be achieved by custom blending. To custom blend the tan mix it with St. Tropez moisturizer in equal proportions. The more moisturizer you use the lighter the tan will be. Apply the tan to the face and spread evenly. Using a mix of tan and moisturizer, blend the tan down the neck to the collarbone. Wash your hands.

4. The arms. Apply the tan to the outer arms, finishing at the wrist. Mix the tan and moisturizer in equal proportions and apply to the inner arms, finishing at the wrists. Scrub your hands thoroughly. Apply a small amount of tan to the back of one hand and rub the backs of both hands together. Then blend the tan into the hands using the moisturizer. Tissue off any tan form the palms and the finger nails.

Don’t worry if the guide colour looks streaky. When it is dry (10-15 mins) gently stroke off the streaks with a dry flannel, or tan in the evening and wash the guide colour off the next morning. Moisturise daily. This will help maintain your tan. St. Tropez self tan contains no sun protection. Always use a sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

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