Vera Wang Preppy Princess

Vera Wang’s Princess is the quintessential girly scent. With almost edible notes of Apple, Mandarin, Guava, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla, it’s pretty much as sweet and lovable as a scent can get. Following on from the popularity of the original, Vera Wang created a whole spectrum of Princesses, each with a different scent and a different style. First was the pretty scent of Flower Princess, then the edgy cool of Rock Princess, and then came 2009’s Glam Princess, a vivacious scent with notes of Honey and Marshmallow.

This year’s Princess is the best of both worlds: edgy and girly, confident and refined. She’s Preppy Princess, and her reign has just begun. Without ever trying, she’s the centre of attention, dressed to impress with her plaid and pearls.

The scent opens with a first impression of juicy Tangerine, crisp Red Apple and succulent Crushed Berries; crystalline and fruity with a sweet edge. An eclectic blend of Honeysuckle and Jasmine at its heart evokes Preppy Princess’ classic style with a subversive twist. The sensual drydown of Woods embraces all who come near, with an unexpected kiss of Coconut Water for a luscious, exotic touch.

The revamped Princess flacon is dressed in transparent hot pink with a white and blue plaid overlay. Crowned with a shiny blue cap accented with polished pearls, she’s ready to reign on.

Zoe Kravitz reprises her role as the contemporary Princess, this time assuming a position as Upper East Side royalty and the ruler of the school.

Available in the 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes and in a Satiny Body Lotion.

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