The Wait is Over.. Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum

There’s nothing like a big fragrance launch to get beauty lovers all a-flutter, and its especially brilliant when the object of desire is as highly anticipated as this one. The launch of the Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum is without doubt one of the most exciting of 2011… and we’re only a month in!

The epitome of glamour and sensuality, Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 by Tamara Mellon, an Accessories Director at Vogue UK. In noticing a potential gap in the market, she approached renowned couture shoe maker Jimmy Choo in the East End of London, and with him launched a shoe boutique. When the brand exhanded into the US market in 1998, they stuck gold with the young celebrities of Hollywood who instantly coveted the sexy and distinctive designs. The Jimmy Choo brand is now synonymous with Oscar winners and the Hollywood’s A-list. As the shoe du jour of main character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, the brand became immortalised in both pop culture and the minds of fashion-conscious women forever.

Here’s what Tamara has to say about the fragrance:

“Fragrance has always been part of my vision for Jimmy Choo. To fully extend the Jimmy Choo lifestyle, enveloping a woman with the sensuality and essence of the brand. I have always loved wearing perfume; it is part of my identity. Now to create a signature fragrance for Jimmy Choo expressing an aura of strength and beauty is my ultimate dream.”
Tamara Mellon, OBE, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo.


The decidedly couture flacon and carton, a mix of elegance and glamour

The scent itself is described as a floral chypre fragrance, with Green top notes, a Tiger Orchid heart, and a sweet Toffee and Indonesian Patchouli base. Although the notes seemingly edge hint at a more gourmand scent, the crisp freshness of the top notes and the headiness of the Patchouli at the base stop the fragrance from becoming bonbon-like. Instead, the scent warms on the skin beautifully, with a smooth sweetness that develops in swirls rather than a dense wave. In terms of how it is described, it’s everything it claims to be -‘fashionable’, ‘sensual’, ‘self-assured’ and ‘evanescent’ – a decadent take on sensuality with a modern and very wearable twist. It’s one of those scents that you can’t wait to wear; a distinctive and long-lasting fragrance that makes you feel that little bit more indulgent.

The decidedly dressing table-worthy flacon is beautifully crafted from Murano glass finished in soft pink, with a silver cuff bearing the Jimmy Choo name, and a black square cap that offers a couture touch. This elegance is captured inside a carton of edgy pink snake print, a pattern matching the dress that Tamara Mellon herself wears as the face of the fragrance in the advertising. A breathtakingly couture design.

In creating Jimmy Choo the brand, Tamara wanted to fully accessorise and capture the hearts of women around the world. In releasing Jimmy Choo the perfume, she’s expanding that dream to all women, no matter their budget. A truly gorgeous scent for all women who need a little indulgence – and one of our favourites of 2010/11.

At the moment, there’s 15% off the fragrance, the body lotion and the shower the Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum here.