Blog of the Week #5.. Vaguely in Vogue

The result of this week’s blog of the week is the product of some late night blog roll trawling. You know the kind – you’ve started with one blog, then clicked another, and before you know it it’s 2AM and you’ve developed a laptop hunch.

Through visiting some old favourites we chanced upon a gem of a blog – Vaguely in Vogue, written by the hilarious Alison, AKA Ms Wedgie.

We instantly fell in love for many reasons.

First of all, her hero is Bettie Page. Second, she gives inanimate bottles of shower gel speech. Thirdly, her laidback and charismatic approach to reviewing beauty makes us chuckle pretty hard. We’re massive fans of those who inject a big dose of personality into their diatribes, and Vaguely in Vogue has that in spades.

Fourthly, she gives honest reviews. From that infamous crackly nail varnish, to lip polish, to moisturisers; every aspect of the product is considered and fairly judged. Fifthly, she’s a lover of Juliette Has a Gun, so we know she has impeccable taste. And sixthly, we love that she hasn’t just compared palettes – she’s orchestrated a battle of the palettes, and that’s just brilliant.

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