A Sneak Peak… Swarovski Aura Eau de Parfum

I have been ridiculously lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of the brand new Swarovski Aura, the debut scent from the inimitable Austrian luxury goods brand. With links to both Clarins and Thierry Mugler, Swarovski’s introduction to the world of perfumery was always going to be something pretty spectacular… even so, I was still blown away how lovely it was.

The Fragrance
Described as a luminous, fruity, floral creation, Aura’s scent aims to “capture the beauty of women with the luminescent magic of crystal”. Swarovski nailed it with the gorgeous flacon, so before smelling I knew the fragrance was going to be delicious.

Upon first sniff, a gorgeously juicy ‘Fruity Ray’ of Lychee uplifts the senses. This isn’t a straight-up, overly sweet shot of Lychee however; it’s made smooth and luminous with voluptuous wisps of the ‘Floral Ray’ of White Tuberose that works to make the opening complex and memorable. I can see this being a love-at-first-sniff scent for many people.

As the scent progresses the Tuberose makes its presence known more assertively, its petals spiced with Pink Pepper. This ‘Spicy Ray’ swirls in waves of warmth and woodiness, an intense and charismatic impression. The transition from Lychee to White Tuberose to Pink Pepper is seamless, underpinned by the energetic raw materials of Amber, Benzoin and White Musk throughout. This isn’t a straightforward floral – it’s deep and resonating, whilst retaining a light fruity floral touch. It’s wearable and fashionable, yet interesting and intense. A nice balance that is sure to be incredibly popular.

The Bottle
Tall, sleek and extremely sophisticated, the flacon is almost completely concealed by the silver sheath of the lid, with its crystal-cut topper and genuine embedded Swarovski crystal. It’s all at once intricate and simple, classic and very, very modern. It’s like a miniature sculpture for the dressing table – a true objet d’art.

A hint of the blushing pale pink juice peeks out from underneath the silver, lending a soft touch to the sharp lines of the bottle. A fusion of femininity and modernity, with a luxe touch of sparkle.

The Bottom Line
It’s a seriously gorgeous scent for lovers of florals, especially those who favour a warmer floral that is generous and multifaceted. Pair that with both a completely beautiful bottle and the sense of collectability that the name Swarovski brings, and you’ve got yourself a raging success.

Available from Escentual.com on 31st March