Review.. La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Legere Intensive Skincare


I have some pretty deplorable moisturising habits. Instead of finding products that work well and sticking to them, I up and change faster than I can get the lid back onto the bottle. Of course there is a simple solution, even if it does mean that I have to reign myself in on my usual product testing rampage: find a moisturiser that works and stick to it. A deceptively simple feat that took much testing and trialling, but I think I’ve found it.

The criteria for my new moisturiser were pretty complex: this wonder product needed to sort out my deep-rooted skin dehydration, keep my skin soft and supple all day, soften the rough areas, and most importantly – it had to be light and oil-free to keep my rubbish leaky pores happy. Impossible to have all of this in one product, right? To my surprise, the answer to that is actually a big fat La Roche-Posay no.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Legere does something wonderful to my skin. After trying a million and one moisturisers and thinking that the subsequent film-like residue that they left was just an aspect of the process that I’d have to put up with, I discovered that it isn’t just a given -there is an option! I know for a lot of people (particularly those with drier skin types) this surface film is welcomed, as a skin surface barrier is an effective way to continually moisturise your skin and provide a barrier against external aggressions and such. However, my combination skin just can’t cope with the extra weight.

Instead, Hydraphase Legere sinks in like a glycerin-based dream, gliding over my face without any tugging or pulling. The texture surprised me at first as I had never used a moisturiser that was quite so light. Were it not for the reassuring fact that it came from the Hydraphase range that is meant for dehydrated skin, I’d have definitely opted for a heavier formulation to sort out my extremely dry nose, forehead and eyes. This fact alone really opened my eyes in terms of choosing the right skincare products, as I always assume that heavy creams are best for my dry bits and an astringent toner will sort out my oily bits. Each product is completely wrong for the other skin type and I wasn’t doing myself any favours. Finding a product that is kind to all of the facets my skin has really revived it.

Despite its slightly runny and very fluid consistency, Hydraphase Legere really packed a punch in the moisturising stakes. In fact, I’d say it was the most effective moisturiser I have ever used, simply because I didn’t want to wipe all the residue off straight after applying it. It just sank into my skin and did it’s thing, making my skin feel instantly soothed and smoothed. In terms of La Roche-Posay’s claim to providing ‘intense, long-lasting moisturisation’, I found that my skin was still supple and soft from the morning until the cleansing-toning-moisturising at night. After a few weeks, the dehydration lines underneath my eyes subsided, and my make-up was sitting beautifully on my skin. I also look a lot fresher, which is a massive bonus.

I do still have to use my oil-regulating primer underneath my foundation to keep the midday shininess at bay, but I don’t think I ever expected to rid myself of that. Right now my dehydration needs to be sorted out with as little extra oil as possible, and Hydraphase Legere performs that job brilliantly.

I’ve been using this moisturiser since before Christmas now (with only one small deviance.. I was admittedly seduced by a vanilla-scented face cream for a week – old habits die hard), and the most apt way to describe my skin now is that it just looks and feels really healthy. Hydraphase Legere is my new essential year-round moisturiser that I take it everywhere with me as I know my skin will just drink it up. When my skin needs a bit more comforting, I use a heavier cream in targeted spots. Consider me reformed.

Bottom line: If you’re suffering from bouts of dry, flaky skin but you’re reluctant to use oil-laden creams to sort it out, Hydraphase Legere is the one for you. It’s a skin saviour for dry/oily skin combinations – because sometimes having a combination skin doesn’t necessarily mean a normal/oily mix!

Five out of five, because I know I’ll be using this lovely fluid for a long time to come. Find out about La Roche Posay Hydraphase Legere Light Rehydrating Skincare here.

Emma x

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