Blog of the Week #6… Beautylicious Love

This one goes out to the lovely Jo of Beautylicious Love fame, a beautiful blogger who keeps us informed and on top of our game!

A mum of two with a love of beauty, Jo is a comprehensive reviewer with a lovely, easygoing writing style. From drugstore lip balms and bargain shower gels, to designer fragrance and high end facial skincare, she gives every product careful deliberation and fair trial before divulging her thoughts. We particularly love her conversational breakdown of products and sensory description of textures, scents and weights, because it’s easy to forget that not everyone who reads beauty blogs are beauty experts.

She answers the questions that people most fundamentally want to know about a product, and she does it with such an understated wit and charm that naming her as this week’s Blog of the Week was pretty much a given!

We love Jo here at Escentual – visit her over at Beautylicious Love and you’ll see just why.