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At a meeting with the lovely ladies of Trilogy last week, we got to talking about the never-ending possibilities of one of their bestselling products: the Trilogy Everything Balm. They mentioned a question that they had once asked of their Kiwi customers: “What unusual things do you use your Everything Balm for?”, and perhaps unsurprisingly they received a slew of unmentionable answers! I loved some of the completely crazy answers that were given, and so decided to embark upon a perilous journey to expand my Everything Balm knowledge. And it turns out, the balm I thought I knew so well was full of hidden surprises!

1-Hair Dying Barrier
This one’s an oldie but a goodie! If you’re anything like me, you probably get more dye on your skin than in your hair. Create a waterproof barrier all along your hairline with a few dabs of the Everything Balm, stretching it down a little further behind the ears and the neck. Not only will dye be repelled from it, but the balm with nourish the skin beautifully.

2- Split End conditioner
If you’re suffering from split, dry and brittle ends, the Everything Balm will deeply nourish them and keep them protected. Warm a tiny bit of the balm between your fingers and smooth onto the tips of your hair. Don’t use too much, though – a big glob of the oil-based formulation will weigh your hair down. When used in tiny amounts, the nourishing oils will be absorbed into the hair and provide some lovely hydration.

3- Balmy Blusher
Or lip colour, or eye colour – choose your poison! Take a tiny pinch of pigment (or a swatch from a highly pigmented make-up product) and mix into a little dab of balm. Smooth onto your cheeks for a dewy blusher, onto eyes for a foiled or glossy effect, or onto lips for deep nourishment with your perfect colour.

4- Brow Tamer
This one pretty much speaks for itself. If you have particularly unruly brows or would simply like to set make-up in place after filling brows in, dab on a touch of Everything Balm and brush them into place. The non-stickiness of the balm and it’s moisturising properties makes it an ideal companion for brow taming.

5- Hayfever Relief
Take a few dabs of the Everything Balm whenever you’re suffering from a tickly hayfever nose and pat it around your nostrils. The balm helps to ‘trap’ the pollen before it enters your nasal cavity, effectively helping with sneezes. My mum swears by this as a foolproof way to combat pesky hayfever sneezes, but I’m admittedly not 100% convinced. Try it for yourself!

6- Eyelash Conditioner
If you have abused your lashes over the years with curlers, mascaras and harsh eye make-up removers, take the time to incorporate a bit of eyelash care in your routine. Smooth on some Everything Balm every night from the roots to tips of each strip of lashes to intensely nourish them. For the days your don’t want to wear mascara, smooth on some balm for darker, more luscious lashes.

7- Easy Peasy Smoky Eye
I’ll admit it.. this little tip was picked up from the new Topshop Make-up SS11 tutorials, but it will work with any eyeliner with enough slip. Instead of carefully lining the eye and smudge-build-smudging, draw haphazard parallel lines along the lid from the top of the socket down to your lash line. Then, taking a touch of the Everything Balm, smudge all along the socket and create a gorgeous smoky effect with minimum effort.

8- Cuticle Softener
My last tip is one that has saved my nails all of this week here in freezing, rainy Cardiff. Keep a pot of the balm handy at your desk/bedside table/in your handbag and smooth onto cuticles whenever you have the chance. The deeply penetrating oils will soften them ridiculously well, so that when it’s time for a DIY manicure your nails will be so compliant that you’ll wonder what you ever did to deserve them.

We’d love to know what you use yours for – let us know!

Trilogy Everything Balm, from £10.42

Emma x

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  • L

    I find it really useful for waxes!

    After I have my legs (and other bits waxed) sometimes it leaves sticky bits and super-sensitive skin. So this balm is AMAZING to sooth the irritation and get rid of all the sticky bits. The redness goes down a lot quicker, and it leaves my skin super-smooth!

    Love it!