Blog of the Week #7… Now Smell This

Some blogs are so densely populated, slick-looking and well maintained that you forget that they are in fact the product of just one person. Such is the case with perfume blog Now Smell This, the brainchild of the knowledgeable perfume buff Robin.

From new launches to shopping tips, reviews to personal recommendations, Robin and her team of contributors provide a domain that has become a sort of middle ground for perfumers and perfumistas. It’s a place packed full of impartial reviews that are written with a wealth of fragrance knowledge, and it is this sense of informed honesty that makes Now Smell This so immensely popular with die-hard perfume afficionados.

Robin reveals news about new releases months before anyone else has even started to talk about them, quenching fragrance fans’ thirst for exclusives and insider knowledge. She harbours a thriving community of fans and friends who know each other’s preferences and quirks, and all comments are replied to – a key aspect of the thriving fragrance conversation. It’s a place of camaraderie and banter mixed in with fragrance expertise; an intellectual conversation about a shared love that is brilliantly informative and very fun to read.

Through Now Smell This, Robin has made a somewhat elusive industry very human, and has created a place for fans and experts alike to share their knowledge and their passion together for years to come.

Satisfy your inner perfumista at Now Smell This.