Blog of the Week #8… MakeUp Picnic


Escentual’s eighth blog of the week this week is Makeup Picnic, the creation of the lovely Meeta.

With everything that Meeta writes, it’s obvious that she has her audience in mind. From describing her skin type in detail to listing all the foundations that she’s found that are ideal for her colouring, she answers the questions that people want to know without them ever having to ask.

A particular favourite post of mine is the My Makeup Brushes & Homemade Brush Roll post, whereby Meeta gives a tour into the contents of her homemade brush-roll. Not only did she made the very beautiful brush roll herself from scratch, but the post gives a detailed rundown of which brushes are her favourites, their best usage, and comparison with other brushes . Definitive, considered posts like these are my absolute favourites – they’re subject to change and are the opinion of one person, but they’ give you a well-informed starting point from which to build your own collection.

Go and visit Meeta over at MakeUp Picnic