What Got Me Through Last Month.. My February Top 5

Now that the new month has started, I’m feeling reflective. February is an awkward time of year hair and make-up wise – not quite spring, not quite winter – so I decided to compile a list of what worked for me out of all the products I’ve tried in the past month.

So these are the wonder products that have gotten me through a month full of winter woes and hair disasters in one piece…


1) Clarisonic Plus
I’ve been testing out the Clarisonic Plus for the past few weeks for a blog review, and I’ve well and truly become a fangirl. The Plus is manufactured for use on both the body and the face, and comes with different speeds and different heads suitable for the varying types of skin on your body. My skin has never felt so soft and smooth, and my dryness had disappeared without a trace. After a few teething problems with blemishes, my skin is now crystal clear and looking better than it ever has. Keep an eye out for my special report on the Clarisonic Plus in the next week or so – but be warned, there will be close-ups!


2) Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation in 103 Ivory
I sang the praises of this foundation a couple of weeks back, and I still thoroughly love it. I’ve mentioned many a time that my skin likes to play by its own rules and is pretty changeable, but this foundation is pretty invincible as soon as it comes into contact with my skin. Nothing can phase it – neither dryness nor oiliness – and my skin feels incredibly soft and looks dewy-fresh. I do have to have a touch-up midway through the day as I don’t wear a primer or a powder with it, but I’d probably reapply anyway just to get another hit of the formulation’s lovely fruity-fresh scent!


3) Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
Another big feature in my morning routine is the beautiful Eau so Fresh from Marc Jacobs, a delicious new interpretation of Daisy. With the winter slowly turning into spring and the nights getting marginally lighter, I’ve prematurely convinced myself that it’s time to whip out the summer wardrobe and lighten all of my make-up. Eau so Fresh fits in with my summer frame of mind perfectly, and with every single spray I’m transported to sunnier, more colourful places. It just such an easy scent to wear that it’s become a no-brainer in the mornings.


4) Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme
Last month I decided (in my infinite wisdom) that I would bleach the tips of my hair in a DIY ombre style a la Drew and Rachel. It actually came out even better than I hoped for and I was so proud of myself – until my hair started to snap, break and generally be completely rubbish. It had taken ages to grow out my hair, so I’ve now turned to my old favourite Mr Philip Kingsley and his magical Elasticizer Extreme to correct my mistakes. I slathered it all over the tips of my hair, wrapped it all up in a towel, and left it on overnight to do its thing. I do this once a week and now my hair has its shine and strength back.


5) Fudge Salt Spray
I usually just wash my hair give it a rough dry and then head out of the door, but because of my ombre hair disaster my locks are lacking any kind of volume and texture whatsoever. To put a bit of life back into it without it looking too styled, I’ve been spritzing some Fudge Salt Spray into my dried-off locks and lightly twisting and scrunching to create loose, natural waves. I’ve tried a lot of salt sprays over the years as I prefer it to hairspray, and this one is the best. It has a medium hold to lock your waves in place, and has just the most gorgeous coconutty fragrance. A massive thumbs up!

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  • karleigh

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Clarisonic, I want the pink one but it’s out of stock everywhere! Also completely agree with the Daisy so fresh, I had a sample recently and LOVE it, it’s going to be my Summer perfume =)

  • I agree the clarins foundation is stunning! I’m 108 Sand and love it, sad beause my sample has run out but lasted a while so the price tag is well worth it! I recommend it to anyone! The smell is lovely also!
    I too have been using a salt spray by Bumble and bumble and love the wavy texture it gives my hair, it actually feels like I have made an effort yet it’s so simple to use!

    As for the Clarisonic one day hopefully! I have dry skin on my forehead and sometimes my nose so not sure how this would help? Is Clarisonic better suited for blemish prone skin types?

    • I actually have the same problem as you – dry skin on my forehead and nose, (then normal on my cheeks, oily at the sides of my nose and chin) The Clarisonic is meant for all skin types and had an impact on all of my skin problems. More than any other part of my face the most improved are actually my nose and forehead where my skin was so dry it was flaky. I really can’t recommend it enough 🙂 x