Blog of the Week #9… Beauty in the Mirror (formerly Mirror Mirror on the Wall)

This week’s blog of the week is the deserved Sherrie, beauty blogger extraordinaire of Beauty in the Mirror.

Sherrie is everything you want from a beauty writer: she’s passionate, she’s straightforward, and you trust her opinions. She asks her readers for their own experiences, and then offers her own thoughts – it’s such a lovely big discussion that it’s impossible not to get involved.

A notable thing about Sherrie is that she’s not afraid of a ‘before and after’ photograph! It’s so helpful to see just how effective a product is in this way, and Sherrie provides an abundance of informative snaps that let you make up your own mind about a product. I also commend her for not only swatching new products, but creating a whole look. She’s a blog reader’s dream!

Show Sherrie some love over at Beauty in the Mirror.

  • Love Sherries Beauty Blog its one of the best that there is !!

    Steph xox

  • Thanks so much !!! Made my day 🙂 x