Introducing Nailgirls.. Couture Colour that is Free From Nasties!

I’ve got a brilliant bit of new brand news for you today: Nailgirls has landed at last!

The reason we’re especially pleased about the launch isn’t just down to the crazy amount of colours and the seasonal catwalk-inspired capsule collections (although that is a big part of it). It’s the fact that the colours are unbelievably hardwearing and free from the big four nasties that are rife in nail colour: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP phthalates and camphor. Possibly best of all, not one of the Nailgirls products is tested on animals, and each and every one is vegan friendly. Lovely!

Nailgirls was created by two sisters, Jo and Lynda-Louise Burrell, as a reaction to the nasty, toxic, nail wrecking polishes and spas currently saturating the beauty market. Jo herself says, “I just wanted a product that was superiorly formulated and did not have any ingredients in it that did not need to be there, but did not compromise the formulation.”

“While working at Marie Claire magazine in New York there was a lot of buzz about kinder cosmetics. So many people have allergies these days that are just being diagnosed. Some of the ingredients are said to be linked to birth defects, breathing issues and allergies. We also wanted a product that was low odour so when you walk into the spa you did not get that immediate hit of nail polish fumes.”

Upon returning to Britain from the states, both Lynda and Jo realised that the UK was seriously falling short in providing walk-in nail spas that could offer affordable luxury, in an impeccably clean and ethical environment. Somewhere great to provide that weekly manipedi treat. “Coming from the fashion world, what we also wanted was a range of colours composed of both the very latest fashion colours and classic hues, in shades to suit all skin tones.” And that’s just what Nailgirls offer with each season.

I love how the silky smooth formulation of the colour feels as though you’re stroking liquid vinyl onto your nails – the formulation is super flexible and never feels ‘hard’ and chip-prone. The shine retention and colour pay-off are just incredible, providing colour-true shades straight off the bat – and often in just one application. From foils and mattes to wet shine jellies and iridescence, Nailgirls has nail couture in the bag.

Louise's Nailgirls Pink #4 nails

In honour of the big unveiling, we’ve been painting our nails different colours all week long. If you twisted our arms and made us choose a favourite, I couldn’t pick anything else over the shimmering gorgeousness of Gold #2, a metallic shade packed full of so much fine shimmer that it looks as though you’ve foiled your nails. Louise has opted for the super creamy Pink #4, a blush/coral pink hue that takes on an orangey hue in some lights. We asked Jo what her very favourites were, and it turns out she finds it hard to choose too…

“My favourite colours change constantly, especially as I am in the spa most days. Whenever I see a client wearing a different colour I immediately want to change my nail colour for the one they just had. But at the moment my personal top 5 are as follows:

Pink #20 – A new Summer ’11 Catwalk Collection Colour that everyone will want on their toes. It was inspired by Christopher Kane’s fluorescent collection

Coral #3 – A new Spring ’11 Catwalk Collection Colour. Inspired by Roksanda Ilincic and Holly Fulton both showing various shades of salmon on the SS11 catwalks. It is a flattering blush-orange shade.

Burgundy #2 – You can’t beat the classics!

Matte Grey #1 – A must wear for all fashionistas. Apply 2 coats, no need to use a basecoat. Pop on a topcoat 3-4 days later for a high gloss look.

Gold #2 –  Katy Perry’s fave!

Check out the Nailgirls range here, and lose yourself in a rainbow of gorgeous and hand-poured ethical colours.