Grooming 101 – The Interview



By Dil
Founder of SCforM: Skin Care for Men – the most popular, fully-independent male grooming blog online.


Right, so you’ve updated the CV and written a mental notice of resignation – what’s next? The interview! Thorough preparation and, y’know, being good at your job aside – taking a few extra grooming steps in the morning will win you major points during the all-important first impression phase of an interview.

You might think it’s unnecessary but you can guarantee that GQ-looking motherfeller sitting next to you has taken the time to get his grooming in check.

So, what should feature in your pre-interview ritual?

Firstly, nothing new. The day of an interview (or even the day before) is not the day to try something new. Be sure to purchase and try products well in advance to avoid any embarrassing reactions or mishaps on the day.

On to recommendations…

1. Shaving Oil
Use shaving oil underneath your regular shaving cream to get a brilliantly clean shave without nicks, cuts or dryness afterwards. The Clarins Men Shave Ease Two-in-One Oil creates a barrier between skin and blade, cushioning the delicate skin from irritation.

2. Moisturiser
Nickel Moisturizer for Dark/Oily Complexions is a perfect dual action moisturiser that keeps oiliness in check, (temporarily) smoothes over fine lines and – if you use it long enough before the big day – it’ll help to brighten up your complexion. Fresh faced and line-free? Perfect.

3. Hair
Shiny or over-gelled hair can make you look oily or a bit juvenile, keep it fresh and matte with a bit of Tigi Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax instead. The best thing about hair wax is that you can re-style it without flakes (in case you make a mistake) and it makes fine hair look fuller!

4. Fragrance
This could be the deciding factor… It’s important to get your fragrance choice just right for an interview. Play it safe and look for words like ‘citrus’, ‘ocean’, ‘ginger’ and ‘green’ – avoid anything heavy or musky. My personal safe-bet is YSL L’Homme: it smells good on everybody, it’s incredibly fresh but has a little bit of spice and wood which keeps it from being too generic. If in doubt, try it on and ask your most straight-talking friends for an honest opinion!

5. Brows
Just before you’re ready to hit the door, run a tiny bit of Jean Paul Gaultier JPG Monsieur Brow Groomer through your brows to keep them looking neat without being over-groomed. It’s basically hair gel for your eyebrows, a quick comb through and you’re done!

So that’s it, 5 steps to looking dapper for an interview! Now, better go and Google that interviewer’s name…

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