Spotlight on Tisserand

Aromatherapy is the reason I fell in love with the world of beauty. As a teenager, I used to lie in bed and read books about essential oils, trying to memorise the benefits of each extract and blend. I probably should have been devouring Just 17 or Bliss Magazine (and believe me, that happened during daylight hours when I was supposed to be doing my homework), but those essential oils have always had me completely fascinated.

If only I had known about Tisserand… The company was founded by another young aromatherapy enthusiast called Robert Tisserand in 1974, when he was just 17. Robert used to bottle the oils in his bedroom, handwrite the labels, then head to his local Post Office every Saturday to dispatch them to his adoring customers. I love stories like this – and I love them even more when a thriving company grows from such humble beginnings…

In 1985, Robert launched Tisserand Aromatherapy Products – and he still heads up the brand to this day, creating effective, delicious blends of essential oils with surprisingly low price points. I am probably the brand’s biggest fan – my bathroom shelf and dressing table is crammed with the products and I can’t recommend them enough.

Top of my list are the Remedy Roller Balls (regular readers will hear me talk about them a lot). They are what aromatherapy is all about – blends of organic essential oils to help stimulate, focus, or relax the mind and body. In a world that is now so reliant on modern medicine and drugs, it’s amazing that a small roller ball of oil can harness such power! I recommend them all, but my favourites include: Sleep Roller Ball £5.25, Travel Ease Roller Ball, £5.25, and De-Stress Roller Ball, £5.25.

The Hand Creams are equally fabulous – and I’d never been excited about hydration for mitts until I discovered these affordable tubes of deliciousness! My favourite is Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream in Wild Rose and Lemon Leaf, £6.75, which contains essential oils of ethically harvested rose, organic rose geranium, ethically harvested lemon leaf, and ethically harvested pink grapefruit. That description probably sounds like a scent explosion – but I promise that it is a quite heavenly combination.

If you like your hair to smell fabulous after washing (I’d personally be horrified if it didn’t), you need to add the Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner, £5.35 each, to your shopping list. With Organic Tea Tree, Lemon, and Rosemary, the products leave hair squeaky clean and balanced, beautifully hydrated, and gently laced with fragrance. And if you suffer from a sensitive scalp, it will help to soothe and keep it flake-free.

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