Blog of the Week #10.. Modesty Brown

This one goes out to the brilliant Modesty Brown, whose blog captures my imagination with each and every visit. Not simply a comprehensive reviewer of make-up goodies, she also has a wicked sense of humour (Modesty’s Confessional Box is a definite guilty pleasure).

I love this blog an awful lot. It’s the perfect balance between proper make up talk and a good girlie giggle, and a visit to her blog is always sure to brighten up my day. She’s also got an incredible eye for hidden gem bloggers -it’s through Modesty that I found many of my new favourites.

As much as she is one of my go-to girls for cosmetics tips, tricks and reviews, it’s her off-topic chatter that had my heart. Blogging isn’t just about talking shop, it’s about the person too – and that’s why I’ll always love to hear all about what she had for her birthday, or that new haircut she’s not sure about.

Go visit Modesty Brown for daily chats, giggles, and make-up knowledge

  • Nina

    I could not agree more!
    Ms Brown’s blog is, for me, a daily read that feels more like that cozy daily phone chat you have with your best friend…

  • Fee

    A definite well deserved mention – Jane’s blog is one of my favourites too 🙂

    Fee x

  • Thank you so much ladies! Blogging gives me a lot of pleasure and I’ve made so many lovely online friends. I may be talking about the superficial but it’s great to know that my ‘real woman’ approach appeals. Thank you Escentuals for having me as you blog of the week.
    Jane x