Blog of the Week #12.. Get Lippie

Our twelfth blog of the week this week is the must-read Get Lippie, online home of the brilliant Louise. She’s infinitely eloquent and interesting, and she constantly surprises with her creative posts.

My very favourite thing about Louise’s blog has to be her makeovers. There’s nothing more reassuring than a lady who admits that she needs some help with her eyeliner, and Louise’s step-by-step transformations of her friends and other bloggers details every single technique used. She not only suggests products to the readers, but also allows them to match up their own face shape and skin tone to those who are having their makeup done. If I can see that a dark eye can work for her, then I’ll definitely try it myself. It’s deceptively simple, but that really captured my imagination.

We’re big on perfume here at Escentual and another feature that is a firm favourite is her epic Project Perfume fragrance trialling run, for which we’ve given a little helping hand. Her quest is educating us on some of our older scents, and is helping us to rediscover some forgotten classics.

Louise’s recent retrospective post about how her perception of beauty was heavily influenced by a tumultuous childhood was one of the most thought-provoking, deeply emotional posts that I have ever read. It served as a sound reminder of how deeply personal and transformative beauty products are; not just for the face, but for the mind, too.

Visit Get Lippie’s blog right here.