Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom Solid Perfume

I first stumbled across Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto line in 2005 – I was walking through a well-known department store, and the tropical colours of the now-discontinued Incanto Dreams caught my eye. The bubbly pineapple-based scent was my favourite fragrance that year, and I was devastated when my last bottle ran out. As I’ve got a little bit older, my tastes have become a tad more subdued and refined – and luckily for me, so has the Incanto line.  The release of the delicate Incanto Bloom last year stole my heart away again, and this week Salvatore Ferragamo has impressed me even further.

The Incanto Bloom Solid Perfume is breathtakingly beautiful. The chic golden compact contains 2g of the delicious Grapefruit Flower, Freesia, Tea Rose and Champaca Flower scent, and is finished in a soft petal pink. It even has a quirky little bow brooch to detach and wear after the fragrance has run out. I really love a good solid perfume as an alternative to carrying a purse spray around: they don’t spill out everywhere, they last for ages, and they look so beautiful. My absolute  favourite thing about them is their discreetness,  though. I hate pulling out perfume in a public place to top of my scent as the sudden blast of fragrance isn’t always to everyone’s taste (and people are often unafraid to tell you so), whereas if you smooth on a little bit solid fragrance, it heats up on the skin gradually.

A definite add to the wish list! Take a look at the Incanto Bloom Solid Perfume right here.

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