Brand New Launch: Snowberry Skincare


It’s time to shake up what you thought you knew about premium skincare. It’s not just for more mature ladies, it can be fun and colourful, and it can be natural-based. Snowberry caters to all skin types and to all ages, utilising sustainable ingredients and shunning petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, volatile alcohols and artificial colours. They’re also the first New Zealand company to be certified Carbon Neutral, which is a big thumbs up in our book.

Snowberry founder Soraya Hendesi wanted to create ‘authentic skincare’ that women can trust to be both safe and effective, because that is what she wanted for herself, her family and her friends. With the encouragement of her family she set about turning her mission into reality, a journey that culminated in the establishment of a unique bio discovery plantation and a range of luxurious products that marry advanced science compounds with natural ingredients.

The Snowberry product range includes the Pro-Collagen range, the Brightening range, a collection of Cleansers and Toners, and Sun Protection. There is a significant focus upon anti-ageing formulations, but that doesn’t mean that they’re meant for older skin; the majority of Snowberry products are suitable whoever is experiencing premature skin ageing from the age of 18+. The delicious textures, scents and colours are all natural-based – they truly stand out from the current anti-ageing skincare crowd.

Favourite products for me so far are the incredibly thorough yet gentle Instant Deep Cleanser that makes your makeup melt away with ease; the non-greasy and very comfortable Every Day 15 SPF Broad Spectrum; and the complexion-transforming Bright Defence Day Cream No.2, the perfect texture for my combination skin. Everything about the products is just so tactile and is truly gorgeous to use, from the quality texture of the formulations to the quirky packaging.

Speaking of which, that packaging is just lovely. So lovely in fact that it won a Silver Dieline Award at the FUSE design conference last year. The design is instantly recognisable as that of London-based artist Rob Ryan, with whimsical paper cut-outs that allude to aspects of Snowberry founder Soraya’s life and her inspirations. She wanted to break away from the industry norm of predictable and uninspiring packaging, instead wishing to incite delight among consumers. Well she’s certainly done that – we’re smitten.

Take a little look at the Snowberry range right here, which has just launched at Escentual.

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  • I am currently trying the Cellular Night Cream which is very nice I love the delicate natural scent and the texture glides into my dry skin. My skin literally drinks this and wants more!! I have read good reviews about the Cleanser and would love to try that, does it turn into an oil with the heat of your fingers? x

  • The cleanser is something special. It’s oily straight from the bottle, but you sometimes feel a warming sensation on the skin – its almost like having a mini facial. The best thing about it is it truly doesn’t dry skin out, which happens quite a lot for me even with my combination skin x

  • I have the Bright Defence Day Cream too and I agree that it’s lovely. I think the packaging makes such a refreshing change and Soraya’s desire for only the very best ingredients has already created a loyal following from those with reactive skin.

    I’m really interested to try the cleanser and the sun protection, they’re on my list of things to buy. I’m so pleased Escentual is stocking this brand as it makes it so much more accessible.
    Jane x

  • So pleased to see Escentual stocking Snowberry! The Instant Deep Cleanser as Emma stated is literally like a mini facial – just beautiful for any skin type and feels like such a treat. By far the best cleanser I have ever purchased (and I do currently own around 8!).

    Also as a lover and collector of Rob Ryan’s artwork I absolutely love the packaging!

    Fee x