Blog of the Week #15.. 25FLONDON



This week’s blog of the week branches out a little more – this blog isn’t just about beauty, but about fashion and photography too. I’ve gotten into really visual blogs of late, ones with tonnes of beautiful pictures that make me see the world a little differently for a while. This is exactly what I get from reading 25FLONDON, a blog written by the effortlessly stylish H.

Everything about the blog draws me in: the oversized font, the perfect pictures, the clean lines, the on-trend beauty buys, the bright yet completely chic colours. Even her swatches are symmetrical and gorgeous! H flawlessly mixes beauty topics with design and fashion, all in her distinctive and witty writing style (“Has anyone else noticed overuse of the words peruse &perusal recently? It’s like the Rebecca Black of the blogging world”), with plenty of gorgeous photos thrown in. It’s like a life lookbook!

Plus she has the most organised makeup collection I have ever seen. How she found a box that is the perfect width of her blushers I will never know.

Check out H’s blog right here for a bit of aesthetic loveliness.

  • Thanks again for featuring me as Blog of the Week, Emma!