Tigi Product Update Part One – Bed Head.. Where Have Your Old Favourites Gone?


Tigi has undergone a bit of a makeover of late, with new products popping up and older products disappearing slowly. Don’t despair if an old love has suddenly gone missing from the website, because chances are it’s been reformulated, repackaged and renamed, and is is in fact better than ever. Both the Bed Head and the Catwalk ranges have been given a full revamp, but there are so many great new products that we’ve split the post into two.

So, here’s a rundown of what new innovations have replaced the old Bed Head products, so you’ll never be without your favourites..

Old Favourite: Bed Head Self Absorbed

New Innovation: Bead Head Urban Antidotes 1 Re-energise

The super-energising Urban Anti+dotes No1 collection is the perfect daily pick-me-up for hair that needs a little bit of help. It contains micro-shield technology to leave hair instantly soft and smooth, and gives extreme shine without weighing the hair down. This replaces the multivitamin Self Absorbed range, a daily-use range for normal to fine hair.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Moisture Maniac
New Innovation: Bed Head Urban Antidotes 2 Recovery
For dry and damaged hair that needs a serious moisture injection, look no further than Urban Antidotes 2 Recovery. It targets damaged areas and helps to repair then over time, whilst protecting hair from heat and colour fade. This replaces the moisturising Moisture Maniac range, a lightweight cleanser and conditioner for dry locks.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Superstar
New Innovation: Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume
When its noticeable body and volume that you need, you can rely on Epic Volume to give it to you in spaces. It has the same fantastic Strawberry Yoghurt fragrance as the Superstar range that it replaces, but unlike the old formulation it boosts body and shine continuously throughout the day, thanks to a style activating shot. The formulation also protects colour, and repairs hair damage.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Control Freak
New Innovation: Bed Head Styleshots Extreme Straight
Whilst the old Control Freak formulation simply tamed frizz and controlled static, Extreme Straight sorts out even the most defiant and unmanageable of hair and strengthens the hair from within. Dry hair is repaired and conditioned every day, and humidity is tackled wonderfully.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Foxy Curls
New Innovation: Bed Head Styleshots Hi-Def Curls
For detangling and re-defining hair, Foxy Curls was great. For defrizzing, moisturising and retaining curls, Hi-Def Curls is even better! It actually improved the shape and manageability of your curly hair, whilst still being lightweight. Hair is protected from heat and humidity, and colour fade is tackled.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Dumb Blonde
New Innovation: Bed Head Colour Combat Dumb Blonde
For strengthening and repairing chemically treated hair, there’s nothing better than Dumb Blonde, right? Wrong! The new Colour Combat Dumb Blonde takes the old formulation you know and love and takes it even further, incorporating Colour LockDown technology and UV shields whilst adding vibrancy and shine.

Old Favourite: Bed Head Brunette Goddess
New Innovation: Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess
Shine and nourishment for brunettes comes in the form of Brunette Goddess, a multivitamin formulation that prolonged the life of coloured brunette tones. Colour Goddess amps this up a little, shielding the hair from the main causes of colour fade whilst keeping brunette AND red tones looking as radiant as the first day they were coloured.