Free Mini Orly Nail Colour with Selected Trilogy Rosehip Oil!

The Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil is such a brilliant multi-tasker. Anytime my complexion is feeling a tad dry and lacklustre, I massage a few drops into my skin and it feels supple and smooth after just a few moments. I’ve mixed it into moisturisers and body butters, I’ve used it as both a hair treatment and a hair serum, and I’m convinced that it is performing a small miracle on my ragged nails. All in all I just love the Trilogy Rosehip Oil, and it seems like I’m not the only one..

To celebrate their bestselling product, Trilogy has teamed up with US nail brand Orly to include a mini Orly Nail Polish in specially marked cartons of the Organic Rosehip Oil. The nail colour is Trilogy Red, a limited edition true red crème inspired by the distinctive hue of the Trilogy packaging. It is a really gorgeous suits-all shade of apple red, and is the perfect size for popping into a handbag.

Here’s what it looks like when applied…

Take a look at the Trilogy Rosehip Oil with FREE Orly Trilogy Red Nail Colour


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  • Katrina

    I’m also a huge fan of the rosehip oil although I’ve never used it on my hair, I will give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

  • microdermabrasion

    Rosehip oil is able to moisture parched skin without over-drying areas of your skin that are already healthy. The moisturizing effect of rosehip oil helps restore your skin’s tone and softness. Generous application, day and night, can help you see quick, noticeable results. When a person lacks the essential fatty acids, including omega-3, the skin has a tendency to be dry and parched.