Blog of the Week #17.. Skin Deep Beauty Blogger


The title of Escentual Blog of the Week #17 belongs Skin Deep Beauty Blogger, an as yet under-the-radar blog written by an anonymous professional beauty writer – not even we know who she is!

Being a professional beauty writer, Ms Skin Deep has access to a mind boggling array of products (including these delectable Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms that almost made me have a pretty-induced coronary). Blogs that have the inside track on the beauty world are a real treat, and there’s always something on this blog that I hadn’t encountered before.

Another lovely dimension to the blog is the interviews that have been conducted with various members of the beauty elite – from PR impresarios to founders of beauty empires, she asks the questions that you want to know the answers to! It gives you a little idea of just how well connected Ms Skin Deep is, and it keeps you coming back again and again for more insider knowledge.

From drugstore brands to high end cosmetics, Ms Skin Deep tries them all in her accessible Speed Reviews. As she’s tried so many products before, you get a sense that when she says something is good, it really is. She’s equally as honest about things that she doesn’t like, though never in an unconstructive way – instead she situates them within the wider context of other things she’s tried, which is incredibly helpful.

Visit Skin Deep Beauty Blogger right here for the inside track on what’s hot in the world of beauty!