Hollywood-Inspired Sophistication.. Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour

JLo Glow was the first fragrance I ever received as a gift, JLo Live was a scent I wore all through my high school years, and the now-discontinued JLo Miami Glow was the signature scent of one of my very closest friends growing up. Jennifer Lopez scents are therefore a particularly nostalgic trip for me, so I was excited to try her latest fragrance Love & Glamour.

J Lo’s scents thus far have tended to be fruity little numbers that are fun and easy to wear. For fans who love her previous offerings and are worried that Love & Glamour will be too much of a departure from what they’re used to, rest assured that the scent does bear the hallmarks of a classic J Lo scent. It is described as being “sophisticated, ectravagant, and smouldering”, and while it is indeed all of those things, it still has that familiar fruity sparkle. It’s a maturation of her fragrance persona, offering a more chic alter ego with that same fun-loving charm.

The scent opens with a seriously succulent trio of exotic fruits: Mandarin, Guava, and Nectarine Pulp. Despite sounding like a saccharine fruit cocktail, the opening is in fact mellow and smooth with lovely bright accents. Watery flora of Waterlily and Coconut Orchid are blended seamlessly with rich Orange Flower and Jasmine at the scent’s heart, mellowing the scent further and lending a slight creaminess to the fruity sweetness. A base of Sandalwood, Musk, and Amber support the delicious fragrance wonderfully, drying down into a gorgeous skin scent that smells warm and comforting. The scent could easily be too much, but expert perfumers Honorine Blanc (Belle d’Opium, Cacharel Scarlett) and Harry Fremont (Ck One, Ralph Lauren Romance) blend their notes flawlessly so that there isn’t a big blast of fruitiness, then florals, then woods – instead, it’s a medley of sweet, creamy florals that come together beautifully on the skin.

The bottle was designed by Jennifer herself in collaboration with Jon Dinapoli of Coty Prestige, and mimics the sensuous curves of a woman’s body. I like the bottle; it’s extremely tactile, and looks statuesque and elegant in comparison to some of the more cumbersome or structured flacons that I have.

Verdict: Love & Glamour is a sophisticated offering that will surprise many. It’s a suits-any-occasion kind of scent, not too overpowering for daytime, but luxurious enough to warrant a place as an evening perfume. Don’t just try this one on a card – try this one on the skin if you can to fully experience the unusual and very beautiful heart notes.

Take a look at the Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour fragrance right here.

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  • Katrina

    Thanks for the great review.

    I like all the perfumes J.Lo has released and Love and Glamour is no exception. While the scent is not vastly different to her other fragrances I couldn’t resist buying it because of the bottle which looks like a statue of a curvaceous body.