Reviews of the Month – May 2011

Below are our favourite reviews for May. Review are picked for being helpful, insightful or just really interesting.

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Etat Libre D'Orange - Rien

Kwarnst’s Review of Etat Libre D’Orange’s Rien

“I think this is a beautiful scent that can be worn either by men and women. The prominent presence of the incense in the first hours of wearing makes it a great masculine perfume, and might be too present for the average woman. After about 4 hours of wearing the scent had a more feminine character on me: softer, a little powdery, with the smallest hint of freshness.

It is saturated with incense, and I had a church-like feeling in the first minutes of wearing, but that disappeared quickly and a pure incense (without hippie or church associations) remained.”

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes 3 Resurrection Shampoo

“Definitely the best shampoo in that price range. Hair are smooth and easy to de tangle; some may find the fragrance a bit overwhelming but it is pleasant to me. I’ve been using this shampoo along with the same conditioner for a long time and I can see the improvement in my hair condition versus regular shampoo. I definitely recommend that you try this if you have damaged hair; the good shampoo can make all the difference. It lasts forever too so if you calculate the cost per month it won’t be more expensive than your average shampoo.”
“I was recomended this cream by the Pharmasist in Boots about 8 years ago . I was looking for hand cream and she happened to be passing and could see me looking at all the skin care products . She asked what I was looking for and why , I showed the splits in the ends of my fingers and espoecially my thumbs . She recomended Akerat Cream and it does work . Now I only occasionally get splits in my thumbs and none on my fingers . It also worked on split heels . It is no dearer than other products , it just seems so initially but it is a big tube for the price .”
“I was so annoyed when I discovered that True Radiance had been discontinued. I had thought it was excellent, and was sure it couldn’t be replaced. I was wrong.
Skin Illusion Natural Radiance does exactly what it says. It is sheer and light, yet gives good cover. It is so smooth to apply, yet it really lasts and never goes shiny or needs retouching. It has a lovely fresh smell – so unusual in a foundation: it’s a pleasure to apply.
I had always used Shade 7 (Tender Ivory), so was disappointed to find there was no exact match. Having spent some time with samples from a Clarins counter, I found that the closest match is 109 Wheat and 110 Honey. Go for Wheat if you prefer a pinkish tone; Honey is more yellow based, but both are a surprisingly good match, and both looked good on my skin.
I opted for Wheat which looked a bit more natural. I think Honey will be good in the summer.”
“I love this. Ambre Sultan is possibly the fragrance I will regularly wear whatever the weather.
Some folk will insist that a)it’s a feminine and b)it’s a scent for winter. I don’t get the feminine thing at all, it’s definitely unisex. I “do” get the insistence about being a winter scent. Ambre Sultan opens with this spicy bunch of medicinal herbs, which makes you think of mulled wine and liniment. However Ambre Sultan also works in the blazing heat, really try it, the coolness of whatever that herbal mix is is utterly perfect for escaping the heat without resorting to a citrus.
For the amber itself, it’s thick, powerful & resinous. This is a head-turner. As it develops, Ambre Sultan gets this creamy, powdery vanilla note, that just stays there. It feels really clean, but inviting on your skin.
II really do love this.”

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