Perfect Sunny Scents.. Marc Jacobs Splashes + Free Gift

The seasonal Marc Jacobs Splash range is always an anticipated release. Last year’s Biscotti scent from the Patisserie collection became my signature summer scent, so I was hoping one of this year’s offerings would capture my imagination in the same way.

Named the Cocktail collection, this summer’s Splashes are very refreshing indeed. They definitely smell like cocktails, but in the best possible way – more fruit and less alcohol. The three scents are Cranberry, Ginger, and Curacao, tropical-inspired mixes that can be splashed liberally all over. Here’s what I thought of the three…

Marc Jacobs Cranberry Splash
This is the fruitiest of the bunch, with a sparkling Mandarin and Cranberry opening that’s really juicy. The fruits are never ostentatious thanks to the presence of Honeysuckle, and it’s soft, sweet, and very wearable. A base of Woods and Musk aren’t overpowering in the slightest, instead working to intensify the Redcurrant and Honeysuckle so that the scent always remains upbeat and cool. Cranberry is perhaps the lightest of the three scents, but it’s also the most fun.

Marc Jacobs GingerSplash
I was fully expecting not to like this one. The thought of a spicy summer scent didn’t sit too well with me! Upon smelling Ginger I stand fully corrected – it’s actually my favourite of the three. The scent is so complex and interesting, blending Ginger with Coriander and Cognac in its opening without overwhelming the senses. Gorgeous heart notes of Passion Flower and Rhubarb lift the scent and stop it from becoming too intense. It’s less gourmand ginger and more light and bubbly ginger ale, and it wears beautifully on sun warmed skin.

Marc Jacobs Curacao Splash
This is the more musky, opaque scent of the three thanks to the combination of Blood Orange and Violet, but it retains the mellow sweetness of Curacao liqueur with its Pear and Apricot heart. My favourite part of this scent is the twist of invigorating Lime that is detectable right through to the dry down, which lends a light and cheeky character to the scent. The perfumer Yann Vasnier got the composition of this one spot on – it smells just like a curacao cocktail!

Verdict: As refreshing summer splashes, these scents are ideal; they give an instant hit of sunshine and fun and are incredibly easy to wear. My favourite is Ginger for hazy summer days, as the subtle spiciness smells so natural and warm. The size is an added bonus as it will last all summer long, and I don’t have to worry about using too much – there’s 300ml of fragrance at my disposal!

PLUS – At the moment, you receive a FREE Marc Jacobs Splash Refillable Atomiser with every purchase of a Marc Jacobs Splash. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your full-sized splash-on bottle, allowing you to take a little bit of the scent with you to spritz on wherever you go.

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  • Katrina

    After reading this I will definitely try the Ginger Splash. I would not normally be tempted by top notes of ginger but a light ginger blended with coriander does sound appealing.

  • I was surprised that I liked this one the most, especially as I tend to prefer fruitier scents. It really is lovely though – especially on a hot day! x