Spotlight On Our Exclusive Sample Sets – Try before you buy

Everybody loves a sample. They’re an ideal way to try a product in your own time and in the way that you would normally wear it, as opposed to quickly applying a tester to your arm under the watchful gaze of a shop assistant. Testing products in-store can only help you so far: short of systematically spraying a fistful of testers or covering yourself in unidentifiable spots of product, you never get to fully appreciate a single product, let alone an entire range.

For no-commitment trialling, you just can’t beat samples. With this in mind, we at Escentual have set about putting together some ‘discovery packs’ in conjunction with some of our favourite brands to help our customers make an informed purchase.  They’re perfect for those who have always wanted to get a feel for a certain brand, but wanted to do so without the commitment or the strife of asking for samples. Our collections of sample phials and miniatures allow you to experience the products one by one, day by day, without the commitment of purchasing each full size.

Better still, when you purchase a sample set you’ll also receive a voucher valued at the same price as the same set, for you to spend on a full-sized product – so if you go onto buy effectivley you get the money back you spent on the samples. For example, should you purchase our fantastic Juliette has a Gun Fragrance Sample Set for £10.00, you’ll receive 2ml samples of Calamity J, Citizen Queen, Lady Vengeance, Miss Charming, and the latest scent Not a Perfume. Take some time out and try each of the samples, determining which of the five is your favourite. And if you’re set upon Miss Charming, simply use your voucher for £10 off your purchase of the full-sized fragrance, and you’ll have gotten to try all of the scents in the range.

Each of our sample sets is limited edition and subject to availability – they come and go all of the time, so keep an eye to see if you spot a favourite!

Take a look at what discovery sets we have available right now, from skincare to fragrance.

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  • Katrina

    I love being able to try products before committing to a full bottle. Samples are great space savers in a weekend bag as well.